Julie Gritton, your Dave Ramsey Endorsed Local Provider

Julie Gritton

My name is Julie Gritton and I am a Dave Ramsey Endorsed Local Provider (ELP) in Sussex County, Delaware, who not only knows about Daves program, but has personally worked the program with my husband and seen it change our families lives. 

Financial Freedom? Many people say it is not possible, but what I want to share with you is that I have learned through Dave Ramseys Financial Peace University, by reading several of his books and working his baby step program is financial freedom is something that everyone can achieve.  Now that I have seen it happen in my own life I am on a mission to share it with others and help people in our local community accomplish these same goals, which is why I am happy to work closely with Dave and his team who chose me as a local real estate expert.
Several years ago during this little thing called the "housing crash" I was working as a full time real estate agent, the real estate market had crashed, and we were a young married couple starting our family.  During this time it was easy to have credit cards to make ends meet, car loans, etc. Quickly we became overwhelmed by lifes choices and the debt we were in.  We were living pay check to pay check and then we heard about Financial Peace University through a few friends and a local church. We decided to go ahead and see what it was all about and take the class.   My husband and I committed to finishing the Financial Peace University Course and by the time the course was done we had already paid off one of our largest credit cards.  We then continued to work the Baby Steps for several years and over time through living on a budget were able to live credit card and loan free, except for our mortgage. Now my husband and myself are on Baby Step 4 and things in our lives have truly changed and look totally differently then they did in 2008. I have been able to start my own real estate team, we were able to take more mini vacations with the family, we give back to local charities, and overall we have a fullfilling life that no longer revolves around when the next bill is due and juggling debt. Its amazing when you get your money in order how much more joy you can have in life. You sacrifice now by starting with more budget friendly trips like our new favorite thing to do, camping and then you learn to save up for those bucket list trips like when we took our family to Niagara Falls and Disney.   Dave always says when you pay for things with cash you feel it when the cash leaves your hand and it is so true.  Not only do you feel it more, but you appreciate it more.  Once you start to see the "snowball effect" working you pick up momentum and next thing you know you are actually excited because you see the debt leaving your household and changing your stress level.
Real Estate is not just a job I do every day. It is a career that I love doing every day and truly feel it is my purpose to help people achieve their goals of home ownership, buying investment properties, and selling their homes. I have been a real estate agent in our local community for over 18 years and hold many training designations including my CRS® Certified Residential Specialist Designation, ABR® Accredited Buyer Representative Designation and SRS® Seller Representative Specialist Designation. Personal Service is my number one priority. I strive to provide all my customers with an experience that fulfills my business tag line "Buy with Confidence, Sell with Success!" I am hear to help you every step of the way in real estate, just as Dave has helped you with your financial and personal goals. Dave Ramseys baby steps program has changed my life and I look forward to hear how he has done the same for you.  Whether Buying or Selling I lam here to help you through the process.

Dave Ramsey also has these great books I highly recommend for everyone:

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