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Lets Go Retro!


Let’s go retro!

It’s no secret that during these times of uncertainty with the covid-19 restrictions that all of us have had to make accommodations to our everyday life. So, what are businesses to do now that the summer is here at the Delaware beaches? One Sussex county business has started thinking outside of the box…literally. Lefty’s in Lewes Delaware has been known to be the new place for family fun and entertainment. Whether you’re running around in the laser tag arena, bowling, or mashing the buttons at the arcade, Leftys has been the go-to place for entertainment. They have now gone one step further and are introducing their new summer drive-in movie theater. For $25 a car you can drive right on up and catch your favorite classic movies on the big screen! Starting June 22nd, they will be debuting the American classic “Rocky” and tickets are on sale now! There are also more exciting things to come as they will introduce their own “Beach Blanket Bingo”! So, get ready to pack the car with friends and family to enjoy other classics as well such as “Animal House” and “Dirty Dancing”. For all of you horror film lovers our there you won’t want to miss “Texas Chainsaw Massacre”, “Psycho”, and “Carrie” on the big screen! Leftys has made it possible for us to still enjoy our summer time at the beach now with a little nostalgia!