229_img-5356  - The Julie Gritton Team

Dinner at “The Nook”


            I have always heard great things about “The Nook”, located near the entrance of Paynter’s Mill development.  Everyone I have talked to has told me that the breakfast is amazing and their lunch and dinner menu is delectable.   My husband and I were more than overdue for a night out, so we decided to go treat ourselves to dinner there to see if we came to the same conclusions.  We decided to go out on a quiet Sunday evening and agreed that we would go all out.  This means appetizers.  Entrees.  DESSERT!  I must say, we were not disappointed.

            To start off, my husband and I chose the dolma appetizer.  I personally have not had dolma in a long time and had to confirm with my husband that it was what I thought it was.  The dolma I have eaten in the past were grape leaves wrapped around a filling and were extremely slimy inside and out. Because of this I was apprehensive, but my husband was so excited to see it on the menu that I folded and decided to give it a chance.  The grape leaf wrapping was not slimy and the filling was very light.  My husband loved it, and I was very pleased that this dolma was contrary to what I had tried previously.  It helped wet the appetite but left plenty of room for the main course.

            For my meal, I had ordered a cup of chicken noodle soup and the spinach and strawberry salad with shrimp added to it.  The chicken noodle soup was warm, tasty, and not over-salted by my personal standards and I would personally order again.  My strawberry and spinach salad was very attractive in appearance and came with a thick balsamic dressing.  The shrimp had a little bit of spice to it which I liked when paired with the strawberries and spinach.  The portion size was generous and very filling.

            My husband had tried the fish tacos per the recommendation from our server and he was ecstatic.  The fried fish was airy and each bite was absolutely delightful.  I personally took a bite of the rice and beans on the side and I found them to be fluffy and complementary.  His portion was ample enough that he was able to eat his fill and in addition have some to take home.

            For the finale, we opted for the triple chocolate cake.  Upon looking at it, the appearance was decadent with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on the side, kisses of whipped cream, strawberry slices and drizzled with chocolate syrup.  It was delicious.  The cake was moist and had a little bit of crunch to it that I was in love with.  When we asked our server what the crunch was, we learned that it was Oreos.  I could have easily polished off that slice all by myself if I hadn’t already told my husband I would share it with him.  We savored the last delicious morsels and to our dismay, had to call it a night and make our way home.

            “The Nook” had wonderful food that I cannot wait to eat again and would highly recommend.  My husband and I found their prices to be reasonable and were very happy with our experience.  We have already looked over the breakfast menu and look forward to seeing what it has to offer in the future.  They are open seven days a week from 7am-8pm and offer dine-in, takeout, and delivery within seven miles from their restaurant.  With daily specials, a fantastic menu, good portion sizes and friendly service this is a must-try.