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Annual Surf Fishing Permit is the Off-Peak Surf Fishing Permit offered by the Delaware State Parks


On February 1st of this year, many were at the ready at their keyboards and Delaware State Park offices waiting to jump at their chance to purchase a golden ticket of sorts; a Delaware Surf Fishing Permit and Tag. As some jumped for joy to be one of the lucky 17,000 to receive this privilege for the 2022 season, many were left disappointed. After only a few short hours after opening sales, all the permits had been sold out leaving those who missed out trying to rethink their fishing plans for the year. Where can you go? What options are there? If you are one of the many that are asking this question, here are a few alternatives to consider.

The next closest option to the Annual Surf Fishing Permit is the Off-Peak Surf Fishing Permit offered by the Delaware State Parks. Like the Annual Surf Fishing Permit, permit holders are allowed to drive their vehicles onto the beach. How they differ is that the Off-Peak Surf Fishing Permit only allows for surf fishing on only non-peak days. According to the Delaware State Parks website, this includes Monday through Fridays during peak season and seven days a week during the off-season. Peak season is considered to be the Friday before Memorial Day to the Monday after Labor Day and the off-season is the Tuesday after Labor Day to the Thursday before Memorial Day. These permits do not allow access on all holidays. Although there are limitations on when the permits can be used, there is no limit on how many can be purchased annually. If you are interested in learning more about the Off-Peak Surf Fishing Permit, please click on the link below. https://destateparks.com/Know/PassesTagsFees

Purchasing a fishing license is another option to have a chance to sit back and relax on shore while getting a fresh catch. Fishing licenses allow for holders to have access to recreational fishing in tidal and fresh waters and also covers recreational crabbing and clamming. Licenses can be purchased in-person with an authorized licensed agent or online with DNREC.

These licenses must be renewed annually and include a Delaware Fisherman Information Network (FIN) number when issued. Want to know some spots to go? Our very own team member Ruth Sivils, Associate Broker on The Julie Gritton Team, had some great suggestions! Fishing licenses can be utilized at several locations such as the fishing pier at Cape Henlopen State Park or if you are planning on going to the beach, just check in advance if that beach allows for surf fishing and simply bring your gear with you! In the event that you or a friend have your own personal boat, you can use your fishing license and try out different locations such as the Lewes Canal, Indian River Inlet, Broadkill River or the Nanticoke River. Different fish are found during different times of the year and at different locations so be sure to take this into account when selecting a spot, suggests Ruth. Check with local fishing reports and tackle shops to get the most updated information. If this sounds like a good fit, please visit the below links to either purchase or find out more information about Delaware Fishing Licenses and costs. https://dnrec.alpha.delaware.gov/fish-wildlife/licenses/fees/ https://dnrec.alpha.delaware.gov/fish-wildlife/licenses/agents/ https://epermitting.dnrec.delaware.gov/signin?redirect_back_to=%2Fpermits-and-licenses

If you are dissuaded from going through the process of getting a license of any form related to fishing, there is another option! Head and Charter Boats allow patrons to go out on the water to go fishing without patrons needing to worry about buying their own license since the Captain’s license covers not only themselves but anyone fishing on their licensed boat as well. This also allows patrons to have a change of scenery by going out on the water and the luxury of having a Captain utilize technology to put patrons in the most optimal position to find and catch fish. If this sounds like a good decision, please explore the short list below of links to some local Head Boats out of Lewes or to find out more about Charter Boat choices. There are several

Charters Boat selections out of Lewes and nearby towns so there are multiple opportunities to find the optimal boat and Captain for your fishing goals. https://www.anglersfishingcenter.com/ https://fishlewes.com/

Nobody likes to change their initial game plan, but hopefully these options bring some acceptable alternatives to the Annual Surf Fishing Permits. If you are looking ahead to obtaining the Annual Surf Fishing License for 2023, information regarding this will be released later this year on the Delaware State Parks website which we will include a link to at the end of this article. Until then, we on The Julie Gritton Team wish you safe travels and look forward to hearing from you soon! https://destateparks.com/Know/PassesTagsFees