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Lewes Named Best Beach Town for Retirement


This past February, Southern Living compiled a slide show titled The Best Beach Towns for Retirement which consisted of thirteen towns across the United States.  When looking through the short list, it was an honor to see that at number one was the First Town in the First State; Delaware’s very own Lewes.  So what did Southern Living have to say and what more is there to know?  We on The Julie Gritton Team are eager to quell your curiosity.

Among the first aspects mentioned about Lewes in Southern Living was that there is no sales tax.  When someone goes shopping, what is seen on the price tag is the price.  This makes it easy on consumers since there is no need to do any additional calculations when making a purchase or worrying about having enough change to cover the additional tax.  This doesn’t only cover shopping, but also goes for eating out at local restaurants!  Lewes has many unique shops and restaurants for patrons to enjoy, especially on Second Street.  Looking for a sweet treat or need to get an extra pep in your step?  Consider checking out Notting Hill Coffee Roastery or Edie Bees Confection Shop.  Want to buy a gift for the kids or fur kids?  Stop by P.U.P.S. of Lewes, Kids’ Ketch, or Fairy Godmother to get the perfect present.  Need a bite to eat?  The restaurants on Second Street have you covered!  With popular restaurants such as Agave, Touch of Italy, The Buttery and more, there is sure to be something for everyone.  There are also boutiques, Biblion: Used Books and Rare Finds, and several other stores to explore and find rare treasures.  If you haven’t already checked out Second Street and the surrounding area, please take a look next time you’re in town!

Southern Living also mentioned the low national rating for real estate taxes for Lewes.  This is a breather for those that are accustomed to paying higher taxes from where they have lived previously.  With annual real estate taxes ranging from $800-$4,000 it is no wonder that this is an attractive quality for those seeking a retirement home.  But wait!  There is more than just the low real estate taxes that makes Lewes a wonderful place to settle.  There are also several local recreational options to choose from.

The first recreational pastime that Southern Living acknowledged is golfing.  Within Lewes there is the Midway Par 3 Golf Course and the American Classic Golf Club.  Depending on whether you are an avid golfer or just like to go every once in a while, there is choice for everyone.  The Julie Gritton Team’s very own REALTOR® and IT professional, Josh Gritton, has had the pleasure of golfing at Midway Par 3 Golf Course.  Josh says that there is a driving range there and that this course is good for beginners.  This is a walking course, so Josh recommends to bring an extra pair of shoes and socks in the event that the grass is wet or if there is morning dew. 

Southern Living also lists “beaches… state parks, and places to fish, kayak and hike” as other fun draws for retirees and the Cape Henlopen State Park is a one-stop spot for all of these!  Within the state park patrons can find many walking and biking paths that offer wonderful views amongst nature.  There is also a fishing pier with Lighthouse View Bait and Tackle Shop at the forefront ready to help with any fishing needs such as securing rental rods, bait, getting a fishing license, or just to grab a snack.  Next to the fishing pier are kayak rentals for those who don’t already have their own.  Kayakers can launch off by the fishing pier and paddle out into the bay to get a closer view of the lighthouses or get a workout in.  The beaches within the state park offer both bayside or oceanside access in addition to the beaches outside of Cape Henlopen State Park.

Medical facilities were also commented on by Southern Living as an enticing aspect for Lewes.  Beebe Healthcare and Aspira Health offer several services to Lewes and Southern Delaware.  Beebe Hospital is located within the town limits for close proximity for those living within the Lewes zip code.  Both Beebe Healthcare and Aspira Health cover a wide variety of health care needs whether a client needs to utilize walk-in hours, get blood work, or treat other health needs.

An appealing aspect that makes Lewes an interesting place to live that was not recognized is its rich history.  There are several museums within the town including the Zwaanendael Museum, the Lewes Maritime Museum, the Lightship Overfalls and more.  Many of these museums discuss the Dutch settlers that came to the town of Lewes and the growth of the area.  Each museum has interesting insight into the beginnings of Lewes and is worth investigating for history buffs!

With so much to offer, it is no wonder that Southern Living included Lewes as a destination for beach retirement.  Lewes is a great location for shopping, food, recreation, and personal needs for those that live in town and close by.  Interested in moving to the area and would like to find out what homes are available?  Contact The Julie Gritton Team today at 302-645-1111 and speak with one of our experienced agents on our team!  If you would like to find out more about some of the places mentioned in this article or to read the Southern Living article The Best Beach Towns for Retirement, please check out the links below.  Until next time, stay safe and we on The Julie Gritton Team look forward to speaking with you soon!