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Parson's Farm Produce

If you find yourself in Dagsboro and want to accomplish the trifecta of finding local goods, visiting cute animals, and grabbing a snack then consider visiting Parsons Farm Produce.  Located along Armory Road, Parsons Farm Produce is family owned and operated and offers visitors an experience that is fun for everyone.  What is there to find and what can you expect to experience?

Parsons Farm Produce has a variety of animals that you can come to visit including multiple goat breeds that you can find on the goat jungle gym known as “Goat Mountain”, Scottish Highland Cows, rabbits, sheep, Charlie the Dairy Cow and her baby, Bruno, who was born on Thanksgiving Day of 2021 and more.  Visiting the animals is free, but if you would like to get up close and personal food can be purchased for the animals inside of the country store!

Inside the country store is a treasure trove of local goods including locally roasted coffee, canned and pickled goods, and Parsons beef that is USDA certified and several other items to choose from.  In addition to this, there is a large variety of fresh produce such as strawberries, peaches, tomatoes, peppers, and so much more!  If you want to grab a delicious desert to bring home with you, Parsons Farms Produce has you covered.  They offer a wide range of pies, whoopie pies, cookies, and donuts.  There is even an ice cream shop inside where you can enjoy some Hershey’s ice cream while you shop and visit with the animals.  They even have your seasonal needs taken care of.  In early November orders for pies and fresh turkeys can be placed for Thanksgiving and once Thanksgiving comes, Christmas trees are available for purchase as well. 

Parsons Farms Produce currently offers You Pick flowers while supplies last!  You can come and personally pick your own bouquet made up of zinnias, marigolds, celosias, and amaranths that you can purchase and take home.  Towards the end of September to early October, pumpkins will be available for You Pick as well!  To check on You Pick availability for pumpkins, please call ahead to be sure that the pumpkins are ready for picking.

If you are interested in putting together a special event, Parsons Farms Produce offers birthday parties and farm tours!  Birthday parties are two hours long and include a hayride that gives you a tour of the farm, picking in-season produce, animal encounters, and a planting project that can be taken home.  Like the birthday parties, farm tours are also two hours long and tour group members can pick in-season produce. Farm tours also have access to the pavilion and are available on weekdays.  Call 302-732-3336 to find out more information or to schedule an event with them!  With Fall around the corner, Parsons Farms Produce will also be having some special events coming up soon.  In the past they have had events such as Touch a Truck and Trunk-or-Treat and this coming season they are going to continue with the fun.  To stay updated on upcoming special events, be sure to check out their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/ParsonsFarmsProduce/.

Parsons Farms Produce began in 1989 when Preston Parsons began selling produce along Route 20.  Since then, they have continued to be family owned and operated for generations with the belief and tradition of good agricultural practices.  With a farm that is just over 200 acres in size located in Dagsboro and surrounding areas, crops are rotated to ensure healthy soil and integrated pest management is used to reduce spray for safe produce.  Family members can be found working on many facets of the farm both in front and behind the scenes.  They pride themselves and strive to offer the best of the best when it comes to quality produce and offering products to their customers that you wouldn’t be able to find at your local grocery store.  Parsons Farms Produce aims and succeeds in offering a welcoming atmosphere to visitors and locals and enjoy creating an experience for everyone to love.

With so many great produce, treats, and adorable animals, Parsons Farms Produce is a wonderful place to visit and enjoy with friends and family.  If you find yourself close to 30381 Armory Road in Dagsboro, be sure to stop by and visit!  To find out more information, please visit the links and sources below or contact Parsons Farms Produce directly at 302-732-3336.  Until next time, stay cool and we on The Julie Gritton Team hope you have a safe Summer.